Because calcium is
stored in the bones,
the body should be
able to control the
blood calcium levels accurately

But this only works if calcium is supplied correctly in the diet!

One role of the bones (carefully controlled by hormonal feedback mechanisms) is to move calcium into the blood when the level drops and suck it out again when it rises. This way the blood calcium level can be kept in a fairly narrow range and the nervous system and muscles experience a consistent supply.

If the reserves are depleted then they cannot pump calcium out when needed so blood calcium levels can drop. This leads to impaired nerve and brain function which further leads to either physical and/or behavioural problems. We believe that most recreational and competition horses have less than ideal calcium reserves.

So horses going on to VCAL based supplements for the first time need a loading period at a higher application rate to refill those depleted reserves.

Our normal recommendation is to use products containing VCAL just five days a week. Seven day a week supplementation will work but we have found that by having 'off days' we regularly force the horse's storage system to pump calcium back into the blood stream. Exercising this process makes it more responsive at times of high demand - such as hard work days. The net result is actually a more consistent performance seven days a week from the five day regime.

Feed and supplement manufacturers licensed to use VCAL technology will be supplying products with feeding guidelines that comply with our recommendations and based on our experience. You will need to refer to the supplier's product instructions for full details. Remember that if you stop using the product for a while your horse may need reloading.

All horses are different so these application rates are only ever guidelines. Some horses will need more and some will do just fine on less. Only experimentation can identify the right rate for any particular horse.


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