Fiteen years experience of leading edge nutritional technology

VCAL has been invented, developed and refined by Calinnova Ltd. This firm was founded in 1994 and specialised in supplements for cage and aviary birds. 85% of the supplements used by serious breeders and exhibitors of cage and aviary birds in the UK use products of their brand:
The Birdcare Company.

The Birdcare Company is the only British firm in this market that exports its products all over the world.

This huge UK market share and export success is the result of the development of products using leading edge nutritional technologies that improve health, breeding and welfare far better than more conventional products.

In 2005 the firm made its first moves into the horse market under the EQUIFEAST name. Leading products like Cool, Calm and Collected and WINNINGEDGE have demonstrated the firm's inventiveness. The introduction of V CAL technology in mid 2009 is just a further example of this.

Vetafarm Europe Ltd is owned and managed by Sally and Malcolm Green. It is a small family firm with experienced and loyal staff. It is committed to providing the best possible products to a broad base of customers. By licensing VCAL technology Vetafarm will be able to introduce big benefits to horse riders, owners and trainers around the world far more quickly than by building the EquiFeast and WINNINGEDGE brands in all the different countries.

VCAL is designed by Malcolm Green, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Grad Dip Ag Econ. Malcolm worked for a number of major multi-national companies including ICI, Exxon and Monsanto before setting up this business in 1994.

Malcolm Green 

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VCAL is designed and supplied by EquiFeast, a division of:

Calinnova Ltd
21-22 Spring Mill Ind Est
United Kingdom.

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